The technology is the winning weapon against the economical crisis.

D.G.V. Ltd. is a company specialized in sheet metal processing at high tech. An advantage that has allowed to keep balance sheet in the black and foreign orders even during the recession. No unemployment insurance, no layoffs and stable orders. The miracle comes from the world of small business and is branded D.G.V. . It is a limited liability company specialized in sheet metal processing. An activity that requires great precision and is performed with the help of last generation robotic equipment. This company, made up of only 10 people, produces even unique pieces for a price of 700 thousand euros. “If we have well faced the crisis that since 2008 have hit italian companies – says Giovanni D’Argento, owner of D.G.V. – it is due to the fact that we are equipped with the latest technology and we have a great ability to adapt to customer’s demands. In fact we work for third parties, but our company makes products that even mid-sized companies aren’t able to produce, because they are not equipped with the same technology that our company has”. The results are clear: about 35% of the production ends up abroad. The results are clear: about 35% of the production ends up abroad. A sign that the small company of Arluno manages to be competitive at a European level. So no crisis, unlike many other small companies gone out of business. “This year – asserts D’Argento – the results has been better than those of 2009 and 2010. Troubles arrived only in July, with the financial crisis. Instead, In the last six months, the trend was growing, we were recovering the lost ground with the crisis of 2008 and many companies like ours succeeded in doing overtimes”. Setback came suddenly in September, when several companies have received no more orders. “We cannot complain – says D’Argento – although at the moment we can’t make reliable predictions about 2012. If the financial storm of July and August hasn’t took place, the results would have been better. The problem is that we have to deal with banks that have tightened credit with lower profit margins and with a government that did not make necessary reforms. The latest incentives for firms date back to laws Tremonti. “